Leading guides Paris On The Way list top ten Parisian activities for families A FAMILY-FRIENDLY SUMMER IN PARIS


Leading guides Paris On The Way list top ten Parisian activities for families


Paris is one of those cities with something to offer all year round, but in the summer it is particularly stunning – and not just for the grown-ups.  Families visiting Paris this year will find plenty to do.

  1. Jardin-Plage at le Jardin d’Acclimatation

Us Aussies are used to the heat at home, but when in Paris this is the best way to cool down! Slip into your swimmers and come here, where you will find beach cabins, blue and white deckchairs, sandpits and giant water sprays.  http://jardindacclimatation.fr/


  1. Parisian Picnics in some of the most beautiful gardens of Paris

Dine out in style, by the Eiffel Tower, in Le Champ de Mars of the Buttes Chaumont or Monceau parks, with nothing more than a golden and crusty baguette, some slices of ham, a nice smelly cheese and for dessert, some tasty macarons or fresh fruit!


  1. A visit to the Ménagerie and Jardin des Plantes

If your kids love animals, why don’t you take them to the oldest zoo in Paris, to check out the panthers, orangutans and ancient turtles, all in the beautiful setting of a stunning garden in the heart of the capital? http://www.jardindesplantes.net/


  1. All the fun of the Fair!

La Fête des Loges is the oldest funfair in Pairs, but despite being over 400 years old it offers the most modern of thrill-spilling rollercoasters, ghost trains, dozens of roundabouts all whilst serving up lashings of cotton candy and candy apples.  Or, for a more central location try la Fête des Tuileries, just by the Louvre. http://www.fetedesloges.org/

  1. Cool down with a Berthillon ice cream

Definitely the best ice cream in the city, found at Saint Louis Island – you will be spoiled for choice with the dozens of flavours (in our opinion the best being wild strawberry!).  Enjoy your ice-cream while strolling along the brand new Rives de Seine Park, along the river. http://www.berthillon.fr/


For those that want to do some dual adult and kid friendly activities then Paris On The Way has the answer with its new and innovative ‘Picture Hunts’.

  1. City Island and Latin Quarter Picture Hunt

Make Paris your own! A genuine city tour of central Paris where adults get the facts and the views, while kids are handed a set of cards that set out various challenges. Using a Polaroid camera, they will have to take specific pictures of the French capital city, from monuments to simple street signs, and capture a few bonus pictures. At the end of the hunt, kids are awarded a bag of goodies and souvenirs. All for keeps, including their snapshots!


  1. Montmartre Picture Hunt

This picture hunt tour of the true Parisian village of Montmartre is fun for the whole family. While adults enjoy strolling through winding streets and cobbled squares filled with watercolour painters and sketch artists, taking in the views and the atmosphere, kids are handed a set of cards with a list of challenges to complete. Using a Polaroid camera, the young “photo detective” will be asked to take specific pictures on the famous hill – from monuments to simple street signs – plus capture a few bonus snaps. Like the City Island and Latin Quarter tours, kids are awarded a bag of goodies and souvenirs. All for keeps, including their snapshots!


The last couple of suggestions are for those willing to wander off the beaten path:


  1. Le Petit Bain Douche club

Featuring a large dance floor, one metre large disco ball, DJ sets and live music, a real bar to order non-alcoholic cocktails, a great afternoon snack and of course no parents! Kids will love the only Parisian club dedicated to 7-13 year-olds, open one Sunday per month from 3pm to 5:30pm. http://www.petitbain.org/Petit-Bain-DOUCHE


  1. Roller skating afternoon


Looking for an original way to admire the wonders of Paris? Take your rollerblades and join the

hundreds of Parisians who gather every Sunday at 2:30pm on Bastille square for a skating city tour!


  1. Water skiing in le Bois de Boulogne


If you are looking for a fresh and exciting outdoor activity, you should try this. You can book sessions for beginners, and even kids (from 3 years old) can join in the wet and wild fun!


Paris On the Way is offering all Australian media visiting France in 2017 a complimentary tour. Take a look at their full range of tours – http://www.parisontheway.com/– and let us know what takes your fancy!