Rise and Shine: Starting the day on the front foot

We’ve all been there – waking up in a panic as you realise you’ve slept past your alarm, frantically trying to do your makeup with one hand as you iron an outfit with the other, rushing out the door with your bag precariously packed. Just as you sit down on the bus, heart still racing from the mad dash to make it, you realise you’ve spilt coffee down your front. 


The rest of the day feels just as chaotic, feeling like you’re one step behind and distracted by the mess you know is greeting you at home. 

A few simple changes can shift your mornings from owning you to you owning your morning, setting the tone for a productive day. 

The night before


Do as much as you can the night before to minimise decisions that need to be made and things that need to be done in the morning. Have your outfit layed out, your bag packed. Plan and strategise the day ahead so you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your desk. 


Wake up with enough time 


That frantic rush to the door is the worst way to start your day. The stress from going into overdrive to get to work on time will linger in your body for the remainder of the day. Go to bed early enough the night before so you can wake up with enough time to complete your morning routine at a reasonable pace. 


Make your bed 


Seems like a small menial task, after all it does only take a few minutes. However, making your bed sets the tone for the day as one task is already accomplished. Coming home to a clean space also means that you can relax into your evening, rather than your mind anticipating the mess it will go home to. 


Move your body


Exercising in the morning isn’t available to everyone, particularly if juggling getting kids to school. If you can make it work though, there are a suite of benefits to getting your workout in early. Flooding your heart and lungs with oxygen and nutrients in the morning means that you can reap the benefits during the day, feeling more energised and focused. 


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